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Shop our limited-time Summer Collection now
We’ve created a special collection of fun-in-the-sun fragrances and product designs you’ll love!

Our Summer Collection captures the excitement of the season in a variety of new products — Warmers to Scentsy Bars — with three playful themes:

Seaside Getaway Collection

Seaside Getaway puts your toes in the sand and sights on the sea with oceanic looks and fragrances.

Ahoy! Warmer, $35
Ocean Scentsy Bar, $5
Ocean Scent Circle, $3
Ocean Room Spray, $8
Suri the Seahorse Buddy, $25
Go Go Mango Laundry Liquid, $16
Go Go Mango Washer Whiffs, $12
Go Go Mango Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Funny Sunny Days Collection

Funny Sunny Days celebrates all things silly with smiley-face designs and fruity scents.

Cool! Warmer, $30
Coastal Strawberry Scentsy Bar, $5
Coastal Strawberry Scent Circle, $3
Coastal Strawberry Room Spray, $8
Bahahaha Emoji Buddy Clip, $15
A Wink & a Smile Laundry Liquid, $16
A Wink & a Smile Washer Whiffs, $12
A Wink & a Smile Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Road Trip Collection

Road Trip takes you to adventure with jet-setter fragrances and world-traveler style.

Bon Voyage Warmer, $35
Jet, Set, Go! Scentsy Bar, $5
Jet, Set, Go! Scent Circle, $3
Jet, Set, Go! Room Spray, $8
Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Liquid, $16
Jet, Set, Go! Washer Whiffs, $12
Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Items are available NOW while supplies last. Don’t let the sun set before shopping our new 2017 Summer Collection!

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