Scentsy Family Reunion 2014

gatewayarchWith plans already in the works for an even better Scentsy Family Store experience, bringing back some retired favorites and vintage Scentsy, and more giveaways, you won’t want to miss Scentsy’s 10-year Reunion!

Please join us July 9-11, 2014, for Gateway: St. Louis! Home of the famous Gateway Arch, St. Louis is a vibrant, friendly city known as the Gateway to the West. Built as a monument to America’s Western expansion, it is a symbol of innovation and adventure.

It is fitting that we celebrate our spirit of innovation and adventure in St. Louis, and that we use the symbol of the Gateway Arch to mark this milestone in our journey.

For 2014, we’re giving Consultants three registration options: $50 to attend sessions only, $250 for regular registration and our traditional giveaways, and the ultimate Scentsy Family Reunion experience: the incentive trip option! Visit your Workstation on Aug. 1, to get all of the qualification requirements for EARNING your registration to next year’s event!

See you in St. Louis!

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  1. what that total package prices

  2. The price for the Ultimate Scentsy Family Reunion Experience has not been announce by Scentsy Family, yet. Stay tuned for more information, and we hope to see YOU in St. Louis!

    Nikki Lenton wrote on

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