Last year at Convention 2010, we celebrated having reached the major milestone of enrolling Scentsy Consultant number 100,000. Do you realize that in just one year since then, we’re now on the verge of enrolling our 200,000th Consultant? We hope you know how incredible that is, and how incredible you are.

Our job at the home office is to support your success. And now, to make your success and the success of your teams a little easier to achieve, we are making a change to our
Consultant cancellation policy. Beginning September, 2011, we will change how and when
we cancel Consultants who have not maintained “active” status. Currently, a Consultant must achieve $150.00 in personal sales during at least one month in a consecutive three-month period to maintain their accounts. We will keep that policy in
place through the month of August 2011.

Beginning next month, Consultants who have ANY personal sales over a consecutive three-month period will maintain their Consultant status. However, if they do not achieve the requirement of $150.oo in personal sales during at least one month in a consecutive three-month period, they will lose their recruited downlines. Their downlines will roll up to their Sponsor in this case. If NO personal sales are made within the six-month period
ending on December 31, the Consultant’s account will be cancelled on January 1 of the following year.

This change in policy means those Consultants who love Scentsy but aren’t able to achieve $150.00 in personal sales once every three months can continue to sell Scentsy. A Consultant would need to have NO personal sales during the fall selling season to
be cancelled.

We believe this change will allow more Consultants to stay with Scentsy, and were excited to announce this change at Convention. This policy change is just one example of how important YOUR success is to us. Whether through online training, conference calls with leading Consultants and members of our Consultant Development Team, party tips on your Workstation, or other tools for you to use to connect with your customers and teams—we go all out to provide you with the best.


  1. I was a Scentsy consultant until April this year. I had my 3rd son, and was busy with him and couldn’t meet the $150 line, so I had to be terminated. With the holidays approaching, I am wanting to re-enroll. How would I go about doing that?

    Tyane wrote on
  2. Hi,
    I have not been seeking scentsy for a whole now, and am currently busy busy working else where.
    I would like to stop being a consultant, and cancel.
    Please let me know what needs to happen so I can cancel.


    Sarah Henderson Dudley wrote on
  3. I want to stop my membership with scentsy please let me know what I need to do thank you

    carisa mcfall wrote on
  4. Please let me know how to cancel and get my money back.

    Kelly wrote on

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