SPRING SPRINT, Scentsy’s mini conventions

Last spring, dozens of Scentsy employees and executives traveled across the country—in highly visible Scentsy RVs and trailers—to bring high-energy training, fantastic camaraderie, and unforgettable fun to thousands of Scentsy Consultants. One team took their RV on a northern route, and the other team travelled southward. Together, our teams covered nearly 9,000 miles, visited 27 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and held regional meetings with almost 20,000 Consultants over the span of an entire month.

Spring Sprint was exhausting, exhilarating, and incredible. In addition to providing training opportunities for more Consultants than ever before, we were able to spread Scentsy spirit through our public relations efforts region by region. During and after our last Spring Sprint, you enrolled 14,000 new recruits in February alone—that’s almost three times the previous year’s recruiting for February!   With such successful results, it got us thinking. What if Spring Sprint wasn’t just a one-time thing? In 2012, we’ll take to the road for our second Spring Sprint. We’ll travel the continent from January 25 to February 18, bringing you BRAND-NEW training, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN products and business tools, and a whole lot of fun! And yes, there will be a Scentsy Success store at every location.
We’ll include a few stops in Canada in 2012, as well as a trip down to Puerto Rico. And like last time, we’ve selected cities based on how convenient they are to the most Consultants. In fact, 80 percent of our North American Consultants live within
a four-hour drive of one of our target cities!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
· Fort Worth, Texas
· Houston, Texas
· Odessa, Texas
· Phoenix, Arizona
· Sacramento, California
· Portland, Oregon
· Orlando, Florida
· Charlotte, North Carolina
· Richmond, Virginia
· Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
· Columbus, Ohio
· Chicago, Illinois
· Minneapolis, Minnesota
· Omaha, Nebraska
· Denver, Colorado
· Salt Lake City, Utah
· Toronto, Ontario
· Edmonton, Alberta
· Vancouver, British Columbia
· Puerto Rico
· Anchorage, Alaska
Boise, Idaho.

We’re also going to add three more surprise stops, so stay tuned for the upcoming details.

When you attend Spring Sprint, you’ll have a chance to win free registration for next year’s Convention and a trip to Scentsy’s headquarters in Meridian. In addition, every attendee will receive a FREE box of new Spring/Summer 2012 products which together are worth more than the price of admission! We can’t wait to see you, in YOUR city, for our next Spring Sprint!

Spring Sprint is a perfect chance for someone looking to joining Scentsy, to see what it’s all about. Read more about joining Scensty.

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  1. What day is spring sprint in Pasadena ca 2012 1/21 or 2/11

    Christi Ruiz wrote on
  2. I was just wondering what all came in the scentsy spring sprint kit when I arrive to the convention center,

    Thanks for any help

    Heather wrote on

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