New Scentsy Grab Tabs Usage Instructions.

The Grab Tab is a new product in the Spring/Summer Catalog that helps customers pop out the cooled wax of a Plug-In Warmer simply and easily. The performance of the Grab Tab appears to diminish the longer it sits in heated wax of some scents. To improve the experience with the Grab Tab, we are suggesting a small change to the instructions. Rather than keep the Grab Tab resting in the warmer the entire time the warmer is on, place the Grab Tab in the wax when you are ready to change the wax. Here are new instructions.

  • Start with a Plug-In Warmer on and wax fully melted.
  • When you are ready to change the wax from the warmer, bend Grab Tab at perforated lines to fit the base of the warmer.
  • Place Grab Tab in bottom of the dish with tabs resting against the sides and the circle against the bottom of the warmer with melted wax filling in above the Grab Tab.
  • Turn off the warmer and let the wax harden around the Grab Tab, and then pull the tabs to remove the wax.

Read more about the Grab Tabs here at Scent of A Warmer!

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