Mix and match your favorite Scentsy fragrances

Scentsy ‘s County Fair, we’re leaving scent creation up to you. Mix and match your favorite Scentsy fragrances to create your own blue ribbon recipe!

Fragrance is a highly personal experience; each person’s experience of a scent is as individual as they are. At Scentsy, our professional fragrance team is made up of individuals who are responsible for developing and selecting the fragrances you experience in each Scentsy catalog.

It’s a responsibility we are passionate about and one we don’t take lightly. But it’s also a creative adventure we are delighted to share with Scentsy’s true experts—our Consultants and customers.

That’s why we held the first Scentsy County Fair. We invited everyone to submit their favorite fragrance “recipes” combining existing Scentsy fragrances to create new, exciting scents. And we were overwhelmed by your response! By the time we officially wrapped the County Fair on July 5, we had received nearly 4,000 recipe submissions! Unfortunately, we couldn’t include them all in the Recipe Book.

Our fragrance experts pored over the submissions—from Aloha to Zen Garden—to come up with the winners you’ll find in these pages.  Read on, and you’ll discover the top five recipes and Blue Ribbon winners in each of the Scentsy County Fair’s fragrance categories:  Bake Off, Fun in the Sun, First Date, Day at the Spa, and In Bloom. We’ve also included our Best in Show entry.

One of the winning recipes is

To download the full cookbook click here!

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