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New Spring Fragrances

2018-03-17 19_04_22-Find the Best Scented Wax & Warmers_post


Spring 2018 Scents are here! There are so many new amazing scents to try! You do not want to miss them! Click on the picture above to check them out!

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Indie Spirit: Entice Scentsy Diffuser

Meet Entice!

2018-02-20 19_18_42-https shade-only-entice front

A handcrafted, stained glass effect gives Entice an ornate, Old World feel.

Click image to watch the video:

2018-02-20 19_32_06-Indie Spirit - Entice Scentsy Diffuser - YouTube


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Join for $49


The Scentsy opportunity is even more dazzling this month! Consultants who join in February can choose a $49 Essential Kit, which we upgraded to include the twinkling Star Dance Warmer.


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Diffuser Deal

C1-Diffuser-Deal-blog post header

This month only, you and your customers can buy any ScentsyDiffuser at 10% OFF and bundle it with three FREE 100% Natural Oils!* Carefully handcrafted and artistically designed, Scentsy Diffusers are truly inspired décor pieces that not only fill your space with exquisite Scentsy Oil fragrances, but add a distinct touch of color, light and liveliness to any room.

See how easy it is to use Scentsy Diffusers:

*10 percent off diffuser pricing reflects Scentsy’s February 10 percent off sale. Only select 100% Natural Oils from the Fall/Winter 2017 Catalog are available.

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New Scentsy Bath Bombs are Here!

New Bath Bombs

New Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs are here!

Yes, they’re fetching, but they offer more than just a pretty fizz.

Scentsy Bath Bombs, our all-new line of effervescent bathwater enhancers, do indeed put on a dazzling display. Once dropped into the water, they release a burst of color unique to those of our fragrant Scentsy Bars, and they fizz away until your entire bath is Pantone pretty. But it’s our handcrafted process, the natural moisturizers in our ingredients and the exclusive fragrances we infuse that put Scentsy Bath Bombs in a class of their own.

Handcrafted at Scentsy

Our fragrance experts handcraft each Scentsy Bath Bomb at our state-of-the-art facility in Idaho. They produce small batches to ensure the highest quality and performance — which is why Scentsy Bath Bombs are in limited quantities and available only while supplies last!

Naturally moisturizing

Each Bath Bomb is formulated with our proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help moisturize and soften your skin. Premium ingredients include sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, kaolin and olive oil.

Authentically fragrant

Best of all, Scentsy Bath Bombs come in three of our exclusive and best-selling fragrances: Luna, Amazon Rain and Jammy Time.

And don’t forget, quantities are limited, so shop before supplies fizzle!

$8 for 1 Bath Bomb*

Scentsy Bath Bombs. More than just a pretty fizz.

*Available Nov. 1


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Join Scentsy for $49 or $99 this month

join special post header

Join in September for only $49

A new catalog season has begun! So now’s the time for new beginnings and new opportunities!

For September only, you can become a Consultant for just $49.*

New Consultants will still have the option of purchasing the $99 Starter Kit, but the $49 Escential Starter Kit offers everything you need to start your own business.† The kit includes:

A best-selling warmer

  • 80+ scented mini testers
  • Catalogs
  • Order forms
  • 3 months of their Personal Website (PWS) FREE
  • Even more business tools

This promotion is only available from Sept. 1 to 11:59 p.m. (PT) Sept. 30, 2017.

Want more info? Click here.

*Plus tax and shipping.

†Kit contents may vary.

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August Join Special


For the first time, our Enhanced Starter Kit will include two different fragrance delivery systems!

For $149, new Consultants who join in August will receive an Entice Diffuser and 100% Natural Oil* in addition to the amazing items already included in the kit! The Starter Kit comes with all the essentials for launching a successful Scentsy business:

  • A best-selling Warmer
  • 80+ scented testers
  • Catalogs
  • Order forms
  • 3 months of your Personal Website (PWS) FREE
  • Product samples
  • Even MORE business tools
  • FREE gift!

Because August is a transition month, all transition Starter Kits also include 2017 Spring/Summer Catalogs AND 2017 Fall/Winter Catalogs, as well as a Transition Party Tester Set for the new Fall/Winter fragrances.

Any Consultant who joins in August will have the opportunity to choose this exciting kit for $149 to hit the ground running with two scent delivery systems, but they will also have the option to purchase the standard transition Starter Kit for $99 if they prefer.

The Join in August promotion is only available from Aug. 1 to 11:59 p.m. (PT) Aug. 31, 2017.

Here’s to an enticing August!

*Oil fragrance may vary. Diffuser will ship separately, so please make sure your new recruits are aware it may not arrive on the same day as the rest of the Starter Kit.

Contents may vary.

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Summer Collections

Summer Collection image

Shop our limited-time Summer Collection now
We’ve created a special collection of fun-in-the-sun fragrances and product designs you’ll love!

Our Summer Collection captures the excitement of the season in a variety of new products — Warmers to Scentsy Bars — with three playful themes:

Seaside Getaway Collection

Seaside Getaway puts your toes in the sand and sights on the sea with oceanic looks and fragrances.

Ahoy! Warmer, $35
Ocean Scentsy Bar, $5
Ocean Scent Circle, $3
Ocean Room Spray, $8
Suri the Seahorse Buddy, $25
Go Go Mango Laundry Liquid, $16
Go Go Mango Washer Whiffs, $12
Go Go Mango Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Funny Sunny Days Collection

Funny Sunny Days celebrates all things silly with smiley-face designs and fruity scents.

Cool! Warmer, $30
Coastal Strawberry Scentsy Bar, $5
Coastal Strawberry Scent Circle, $3
Coastal Strawberry Room Spray, $8
Bahahaha Emoji Buddy Clip, $15
A Wink & a Smile Laundry Liquid, $16
A Wink & a Smile Washer Whiffs, $12
A Wink & a Smile Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Road Trip Collection

Road Trip takes you to adventure with jet-setter fragrances and world-traveler style.

Bon Voyage Warmer, $35
Jet, Set, Go! Scentsy Bar, $5
Jet, Set, Go! Scent Circle, $3
Jet, Set, Go! Room Spray, $8
Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Liquid, $16
Jet, Set, Go! Washer Whiffs, $12
Jet, Set, Go! Laundry Bundle
(1 Laundry Liquid + 2 Washer Whiffs), $40

Items are available NOW while supplies last. Don’t let the sun set before shopping our new 2017 Summer Collection!

Shop Now

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La Habana Collection

Five new fragrances capture the mystery and wonder of Cuba's vibrant culture

Five new fragrances capture the mystery and wonder of Cuba’s vibrant culture

Embark on a sensory journey through the exotic land of Cuba! Five new fragrances capture the mystery and wonder of this vibrant culture, each one transporting you to a different place — from the memory-laden walls of Café Cubano to the shores of Playa de Varadero.

Experience our exclusive ¡La Habana! Collection before it sails away forever!

Shop Now



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Spring Brick Bliss

Spring Brick Bliss

We’re celebrating spring with a brand-new collection of Scentsy Bricks! As always, they’re more than five times bigger than Scentsy Bars, but this time around, we’ve formulated our Bricks with more natural ingredients than ever, in fresh, complex scents designed to help your customers express their many moods and loves.

Choose from two NEW fragrances and four Bricks inspired by some of our most sought after Skin and Groom fragrances:

NEW! Sea Salt & Avocado

NEW! Citrus Rosemary

Persian Lime & Sandalwood (inspired by the Groom fragrance, No. 48)

Pineapple Coconut Vanilla (inspired by the Skin fragrance, No. 9)

Peach & White Amber (inspired by the Skin fragrance, No. 82)

Bergamot & Solar Driftwood (inspired by the Groom fragrance, No. 71)

Scentsy Bricks are available for $20 (USD)/$24 (CAD) during April 2017 only, or while supplies last.

Party Hosts can get Scentsy Bricks at half-price or even FREE with their qualifying Host Rewards.

Click here to shop now!


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