Raving Fans

Sweet Nikki Chickie, you did it again! Just placed my order the other night and the man in brown came today! Trying some of the bring back my bars! Looking forward to having them around.

You’re the best! Love you.

Debbie H.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help me figure my Rooster (warmer) out and hopefully we will have him up and crowing soon!!!!  Thanks a million……Deb the Texas chickie

Debbie H.

You are spoiling us for sure!  We would love to meet you and your beautiful family in person.  Like you said, until then, we will just e-mail and I will get Scentsy’s and be so very happy.  These two love you so much!  Thanks again, both of our cars will smell delish!

Deb and Sam

Thanks so much for making the reality of owning Scentsy products so easy for me. I love showcasing your products in my home, love it even more when my friends & family are so eager to purchase Scentsy as well!

Laurie S.

I love Scentsy products.  Not only for me but as gifts. They are great for any occasion and they work! I particularly love the Plug-In warmers. Nikki Lenton is a great Scentsy rep. She is personable, helpful, and goes above and beyond to make me happy! I would never order from anyone else! Thanks, Nikki!

Jenny V.

…I am so glad I got introduced to Scentsy and you. I love everything about it and I love the yummy scents it fills my house with. The other day I turned the Scentsy on with Blueberry Cheesecake and walked out with out shutting it off. When I returned on my lunch hour and opened up the door, the aroma was overwhelming and It smelled so good!

Thank you again and I look forward to the new batch of scents.


Not only does Scentsy make my home and office smell delicious, the beautiful warmers add a great decorative touch.  Be sure and order from Nikki, she is very knowledgeable and always provides excellent customer service!

Mica S.

I fell in love with Scentsy at my first whiff….and it was love at first sight!! I have become such a fan of Scensty that I have beautiful warmers in every room of my home. But wait…I didn’t stop at home, I loved it so much, I also have a mid-size warmer in my office at my place of employment. When people come into my office they ask, “What smells so good?”  I tell them, “It’s Scentsy!” The various scents spark memories of times gone by, the beach, and so much more! Thank goodness for Nikki!  She always leaves extra catalogs, so my co-workers can pamper themselves. Nikki is always so excited about Scentsy…and she has good reason, Scentsy is a breathtaking product. It will always have a place in my home and my office.

P.S.  Even my husband and my teen-age sons have their favorites.

Rose M.

Thank you, Nikki! You’re a woman of your word.

Tina S.

Tina S.

I have the BEST Scentsy dealer for me!! I have met other consultants that just don’t have the gift you do.

Kat H.

Just wanted to say thank you for the note and the fragrance hanger. I don’t order very often, but I will definitely use you as a consultant when I do. I appreciate good customer service.

Debby S

My daughter had so much fun last night on the Scentsy Buddy website. She painted, and got all of her Buddies out to copy their colors! I also printed out the pictures for her so she could have a coloring book. She colored all of the pictures, and gave the book to her sister as a present.

Michele N.

What an amazing job you did on getting the stuff here without it being melted, crushed, etc.

Debbie H.

My house smells delicious by the way!

Michele N

I wanted to say thankyou so much!!!  You are the sweetest scentsy consultant I have ever dealt with and you seem to really appreciate your customers!!!  Again, thankyou very much


Thank you so much for the layers spray!!!   I got it in the mail on Monday and am trying to hide it from my youngest daughter!!!  LOL.   You’re so sweet and caring!!!   Thank you for making me feel special and appreciated!!!
Take care of yourself and  you will be seeing my next order in a couple weeks!!!

Sara C

I’m new to Scentsy but have fallen head over heels for it!  Love turning on my warmer and smelling the wonderful clean scent of Coconut Lemongrass or the cozy scent of Sugar Cookie.  I’m looking forward to trying several of the new fall/winter scents too.


I love the products and can’t wait to use them.


I am new to Scentsy, Nikki, you have turned me into a believer! I love that one little cube can scent my entire home and not have to worry about the grand kids hurting themselves with a flame! My family’s favorite scent would have to be Havana Cabana, however we have not found one that we truly dislike! PS. They need to bring back Newborn Nursery! LOVE IT… LOVE IT!

Sandra O

Thank you so much for the body wash!!!  It smells great!!!   You are such a sweetheart of a woman and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to tell Scentsy how much of an asset you are to their company!!  You are truly a great person, inside and out and have made my Scentsy experience so enjoyable and pleasurable!!   thank you so much for taking care of me the extra special way you do!!!

Sara C.


Sara C.

I received my order yesterday and was very pleased with the way it was so carefully packaged so it wouldn’t melt during shipping. Thank you Nikki!

Lindsay G

I received my Layers products today and OMG. I’ve had eczema since I was 2 months old and I cannot used very many products if they have not been prescribed by my doctor in fact the only outside products that I have been able to use without breaking out are the Carol’s Daughter products, but today I took a chance (very afraid). Well let me tell you that I am very pleasantly surprised. I took a shower using the Love Story Shower Cream and it was just that a wonderful creamy experience. Then I used the Love Story Body Butter afterward and all I can say again OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!! It was wonderful and nothing happened. I did not break out at all. It feels very luxurious. Now I know that if you are allergic to certain products that it won’t be to Scentsy’s New Layers products. :) :) :)

Beverly W.

Nikki… I love Scentsy! I have had many options in home fragrance, but have not found anything that even comes close to the aroma that Scentsy gives out! I LOVE IT! My favorite fragrance at the moment would have to be Black Raspberry Vanilla! I haven’t found one that I am unhappy with yet! Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful product!

Becky O

What I love about Scentsy are the hundreds of scent choices.  No matter my mood I can find the right scent. I also love the fact that I can leave my Scentsy on when I leave the house and not worry about burning it down.  I have never been so excited to look at the new catalog and smell the scent of the month.  I have converted most of my family to Scentsy and they love it! Thank you for introducing me to a great product.

Jamie K

You guys make an awesome team and sharing your Scentsy Success inspires me to start setting goals! Congrats

Tanya L.

Ok…  How can I not LOVE scentsy…I think you have created an addict in me.  I love scentsy because it’s way easy to use, there are plenty of scents to choose from that can suit any mood you’re in, they last a long time, the warmers are fantastically cute, and it’s safe around the kids.  I LOVE buying from you because you are the most helpful, so kind and the most generous person.  You always answer all my questions and help me out when I can’t decide.

Jamie L.

Scentsy is my all time favorite to have continuously filling my home with the smell of the seasons & holidays.  The variety that is available is abundant and comes at a great price. Nikki is always available for questions, her vast knowledge of the products and items she sells is comforting to each and every customer.

Johanna S.

My favorite scent is Lucky in Love. It smells just like the Victoria Secret scent “Love Spell.”

Janell L

Hey Nikki!  I got my package and everything was great.  Thank you so much for all your work finding, keeping me informed, and getting the bubblegum bars to me.  My guys will be so excited.  I love all the little extras too!!  Thank you, thank you again!!!

Penny M

The scent pak is hanging in my closet making everything I wear smell awesome just like the precious person that sent it.



I am Amber’s Grandma, Darlene’s Mom. Darlene gave me a warmer and lots of the Scentsy bars for my last birthday — I love them.  My order came last week.  The UPS man just brought me the Room Spray you so kindly sent to me.  Thank you so much.

Marilyn R.

I just wanted to say I saw you at convention and i was soo touched by your Scentsy Story, I truly am blessed more because of it.. I live up here in Canada and i have only been with Scentsy less than a year and I love it… I just love what it can do for others… thanks soo much for the example you show to us young ones. have a super day..


Laurie J.P.

My favorite scent (at the moment) is Enchanted Mist. Not only does it have a dreamy name, it is such a lovely and delicate scent. I love walking by the warmer, whether it is on or off, and sniffing it


THANK YOU :) :) :)

Judy A

Looking forward to the new catalog! I’m glad you’ll be doing my party! :)


I am so happy to see that Nikki Lenton made the top 6 for the shining star award!!! She is such an awesome lady and somebody I consider my friend! I enjoy ordering from her and look forward to her thank you notes and “a little something scentsy” that she sends after I place my monthly order!!! You are very blessed to have her on your team!!!

Sara C

Thank you so much for the scentsy bars!!!  They just arrived today!!  I love the smells!!  They will definately be put to good use.  You treat me so well as a customer, I couldn’t ask for a better representative!!!

Thanks again!!

Love ya,



Thank you. You are the greatest! Excellent service. Will consider you for further gift purchases for the women in my life.

Bob H

I have got to control myself with the Scentsy orders.   I just put one in last week and it came today, now I’ve put in 2 more orders today.   Why does Scentsy have to be so freaking addictive?!   Guess I’m making up for no orders in March!!!   I have another warmer and a plug in ordered along with 12 more Scentsy bars.   It’s spring/summer, so I’m trying out the summer, romance and spa scents.   I love the scents that came in today!!!   Not missing winter at all as of right now!

Thank you for all the little scentsy gifts and notes. I appreciate all of them and it makes me feel special.  Your very loyal customer.

Sara C.

You are an incredible asset to Scentsy and a force to be reckoned with on all other Scentsy distributors!  I hope you are a very high rated representative because your service is incredible, absolutely incredible!  I cannot wait to put a new bulb in my Rooster, pick a scent and plug him back in.

Debbie H.

Here’s why I love Scentsy:  Scentsy can change your mood or enhance a whole room just by flipping a little switch.  I have my favorite scent which is the White Tea & Cactus, but am branching out to try some of my others.

If you have a dozen different scent bars, it takes a while to get to all of them.

I enjoy buying my Scentsy from you because you were my first contact and I enjoyed the party you presented at Anne Hill’s home.  You always respond to questions and orders promptly even though you are a state away from Nevada.

I couldn’t ask for more from you.  Enjoy your business and thank you again for asking.

Marabel M.